Now is a good time to start thinking about your career path after the Outreachy internship.

Outreachy Saga - Part 5 #outreachy #kernel #linux #drm-misc #vkms

Hi all, hope you all are doing fine!

Finally today the part 5 of my Outreachy Saga came out, week 9 was on 7/19/21, and as you can see I'm a little late too( ;P )... This week had the theme: “Career opportunities/ Career Goals”

When I read the Outreachy Organizers email, I had an anxiety crisis, starting to think about what I want to do after the internship, what my career goals are, I panicked... The Imposter Syndrome hit hard, and it still haunts my thoughts and it has been very challenging (as my therapist says) to work with this feeling of not being good enough to apply for a job opening or thinking that my resume is worthless...

But week 11 arrived #SPOILERALERT with the theme: "Making connections" and talking to some people I could get to know their experiences in companies that work with free software and their contributions to it, I could feel that I am on the right path, that this is the area I want to work on. So let's get back to the topic of today's post!!

What am I looking for?

I'm looking for a job, preferably remote, which can be full or part-time!

But also some other opportunity where I can improve my CV and help me to continue working with the Linux Kernel, preferably. The end of my Outreachy internship is fast approaching (or rather, it's the day after tomorrow (o_o) ), so after August 24th, I will be available to work full or part-time. I currently live in Fundão, Portugal, and I am open to remote positions based anywhere in the world, along with the possibility of international relocation (my dream is to live in Canada!!! 😜).

What types of work would you like to contribute to?

I would like to continue working with the Linux Kernel, and I also really like Embedded Systems (I've played a little with Raspberry, Beagle Bone, and Arduino)

What tools or skills do you have that would help you with that work?

You know... I have a lot of difficulty answering this question because I always think I don't have many skills, but I'll do my best!!!

During my Outreachy internship, I Created vkms_config_show(), the function which aims to print the data in drm_debugfs_create_files(), I also started to learn how to debug the code. I already worked a little with the Coccinelle tool. And as I mentioned earlier, I've already used Raspberry, Beagle Bone, and Arduino.

What languages do you speak, and at what school grade level?

Portuguese (Native), English (intermediate)

And reviewing now my CV and Linkedin, I could see that I've already done a lot!

I have experience in remote work, with people from different parts of the world, I was the DAECOMP (Academic Directory of Computer engineering - that is how we call our students association) President, where I needed to interact with my classmates to find out which improvements they thought the course needed to improve, I also needed to interact with the campus management and our professors to get things to improve the course and the campus, I organized Free Software dissemination events. I was also a flute tutor (yes I study music!!!) and a robotics tutor, working with young people and children.

Well, I'll stop here... To see more about my experience, feel free to visit my Linkedin

Once again thank you for following me so far, my adventure with Outreachy is almost over, every day has been a lot of learning! Please feel free to comment! And stay tuned to the next chapters of this Saga!!!

Take care and have a great day!